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  • Hi Ron & Ardith … I sent you a picture of Dakota after one month’s training. He is doing really well with his training! Thanks  -  Gail
  •  Hi, We bought one of the mares you brought to Billings Sale - oh my she is a dream to ride. She is one of our best horse. Thanks so much. - K.S. Montana
  • Hello. I own a mare that came from your ranch. Her name is "Olena Peppy Freckles" AQHA#4965504 affectionately known as 'Lily'. She is a lovely mare…Thank you.  -  Krista
  • Hi there this is RR Tyree Pacific I bought him nine years ago from your farm, I must say it has been a fantastic 9 years, Pacer is such a doll!! I figured I would email you a picture of what a wonderful boy he is! We are 2012 high point barrel horse in Northern Ontario and also had an 19.987 pole run, that is fast! He is so smart I just sit back and enjoy the ride!  -  Julie Pelland and Pacer, Ottawa Ontario
  •  Hi, I have one of your horses, RR Dandy Buttons. He is wonderful. Lovely grulla boy. Have a wonderful day!  - Donna Bontje, Nelson, British Columbia
  •  I own RR Pahls Quentia (big bodied Golden Palomino) (two eyed jack) he is 8 years old now, 1326 lbs 16.1. I'm so proud of him... He loves parades, he is the best horse I ever owned. I'm so glad you bred him and I found him when he was 9 months old. He truly is my dream horse.  - Michelle C.M. Russo, Vineland, NJ
  •  Hi There This Is K.C. Ladeck again wanting to update you with some new pictures and new updates on RR Dandy Tulsa. He just turned 10 on June 16th which means we have had him for 4 years now. He’s doing so well. I graduated high school this year and I couldn’t have my senior portraits without him which I have attached to this email. Tulsa and I were senior consolers at our last year of horse camp put on through placer county 4-H. Tulsa did very good, helping me by ponying young riders on their horses who were not yet confident enough to ride their horses with out help. He also carried the American flag again during the nation anthem. Since I just turned 18 I’m old enough to join the placer county mounted search and rescue team. I am excited to report that I am training Tulsa to be a search and rescue horse. He’s doing really well with all the obstacle parts of the training. He’s also getting more confident riding on trails by himself and happily rides with new horses on trails. I’m attending a junior college that’s 10 minutes from the barn and all my classes are in the morning, leaving me the rest of the day to sit at the barn with Tulsa and do homework, then hopefully ride when homework is done. Just wanted to Update you on this fantastic horse...  - K.C. Ladeck
  •  Thought you' d like to see lil' RR Zan Shaker ... She's quite a pistol. Loves to work!! ... "Rain" must have taken after her father...loves to rein and is awesome at team penning. - Dr Anna Marie
  • I just wanted to start by saying thank you. I bought a bay roan colt at your sale in Ontario this past fall. He is amazing!! My 4 year old son can lead him around anywhere. He loads, he ties, he does everything he is asked.
  • Lani's doing absolutely amazingly!  Like I said before, she just continues to blow us (and everyone who meets her) away. She's got a tremendous personality, and is so mature and sensible. She's got a huge work ethic and is so willing, and she catches on to whatever you're teaching her in no time. She shows alot of natural talent as well, even in the round pen she works right off her back end and she breaks right through her back in her rollbacks. She's been a pleasure to work with and train, and she will always have a spot in our barn. We backed her a few times throughout last year, but we've just begun to start her seriously. Our future plans for her are penning and sorting, and we'd also love to try reined cow horse events with her - she shows alot of potential. She will be introduced to the bit as soon as she's ready, although she's already very sensitive and keen to leg and hand aids. She has been ridden a few times since then, and even though the weather makes it hard even to get across to the arena regularly she's still going great!  Thanks alot, - Charlotte
  • Paris is now the most beautiful and sweetest little mare. You certainly do breed beautiful horses. Paris has the sweetest temperament and has been so willing and easy to train. - Denise Ranger
  • Cameo is doing wonderful,growing like a weed and has kept us guessing on her coloring...she was really golden early this summer and but since her winter hair is coming in she has started to lighten & show dapples over her body. Cameo has just been fantastic and is treasured dearly. - Kelley
  • He seems very gentle and smart. Even the guys that were bringing him in on the trailer were commenting how smart he was. I will keep you posted. I really can’t thank you enough. You have made me a very happy person. Respectfully, Nancy Hartline
  • Hello Mr. Rothwell - My name is K.C. Ladeck. I'm 17 years old and I live in Auburn California. I am very excited I found your contact information because I'm happy to report I have been a proud owner of one of your horses for 6 years now. He was born on your ranch in Miami, Manitoba June 16, 2003, He is a line back Dun and his name is RR Dandy Tulsa ... I just wanted to pass on he has a wonderful home and is loved unconditionally. I have been in 4-H for 9 years and have taken Tulsa to many horse shows. I have carried the American flag on him during the national anthem and even taught him a few tricks for a 4-H talent show. He is an everything kind of horse and is perfect for me. We ride trails, camp, hunter jump, barrel race, and rope for fun. He is definitely a do it all kind of horse … I have attached a few photos of him that I thought you and your family might enjoy seeing. He is spoiled and lots of fun...  - K.C. Ladeck
  • RR Lucky Doc,Our first showmanship class. - Becky Lutz
  • RR BADGES DOC in October 2004 - He is a beautiful horse. He is very gentle and already letting my children sit on his back. - Carrie L Harris
  • I am writing to let you know how happy I am with a colt I got from your farm a year and a half ago.. He is smart, willing to learn and very affectionate..I couldn’t love him more.  I just wanted to say thank you and maybe one day I will be able to purchase another wonderful horse from you. Thanks again - Nancy Hartline
  • Just wanted to let you know that the gelding we purchased was everything and more than you had told us. Our daughter was riding him in the pasture with a halter. We are so pleased. - MB
  • This is RR Miss Classy Robin at three years old, she is now four and still beautiful. Everyone just falls in love with her when they see her. She is very intelligent and easy to work with. Just wanted to let you know she is doing just great. - Lorena Y
  • We purchased RR Badges Olena 2005 by JB Badges Fritz and out of San Mint San. She's was an amazing baby. She just keeps on surprising us with her willing attitude, trainability and her sweet personality and gorgeous looks. - Charlotte.
  • I saw your ad on the equistation and visited your website, I then realized that I own a horse that was bred on your ranch, " RR Tyree Pacific" He is a wonderful horse with a great mind, he will hopefully be starting his career in barrel racing next year as a 4yr old, he is showing great potential for the futurities! - Julie Pelland.
  • The 2003 foal off of Heza Classy Looker is more than we could have expected. He showed well this summer and we are looking forward to next years showing. - Ontario.
  • The geldings we bought are progressing amazingly well. We were riding them in the first week. They have the temperment and willing mind that we were looking for. - AB
  • I bought RR Tyree Doc Rey from you in 2003. He is close to 2 1/2 years and we had a trainer from Minot work with him. He had nothing but great things to say about him, his brains, and how athletic he is. Thanks for breeding such wonderful horses. They have brains and good looks too. - Vicky O.
  • We have purchased several of the Heza Classy Looker foals and they are running 1D times as three year olds. - Florida
  • The mare we purchased is awesome - we were riding her 3 days after the sale. - Montana
  • We just placed first in the halter class with our yearling Zan bred filly. She is just a dream to work with. - California
  • Our little 2005 Max has made quite a stir with the team penning association. - Ontario
  • June 19,2006 - I bought Tyree Doc Mose off of you and he has grown up to be one of the most beautiful horses in the world. - Z. Picard.
  • I bought Moons Red Baron in 2005 the 4 year old gelding - we are healing with him,he has an nice disposition and will make an excellent kids horse. - Don N., Saskatchewan
  • July 1,2006 - Moon, my grullo from you has been stolen..our daughter has taken him. She LOVES him.So for now,I ride Kopa,the dun. We are a good fit, he is kind and a bit lazy which is perfect for my old body. If I need him to go faster, he will but he prefers the leisurely pace just like me. Moon is perfect- She wants to try him out in games for 4H. I think he will do well.Actually I didn't give him up..because I LOVE to ride him too. The nice thing about him is that he will go and go and will try anything. He is perfectly behaved and has wonderful manners. It is such a treat to take him out and go on an adventure....he is always ready.We really love them both.Thanks - Anne, Nevis, MN

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